Open Front Student Desk

WHISTLER offers an improved Open Front Desk resulting in a stronger and more stable learning platform.  This innovative desk unitizes the legs, book box and work surface creating a perfect work station for students. The work surface is available in solid plastic or fiberboard/laminate. Dual adjustment bolts make every adjustable option steady and solid.

-18″x24″ top
– platinum powder coat frame with chrome inserts
– polypropylene book box available in the WHISTLER colours

SKU: 968ad3ad5e78 Sizes Adjustable height: 22"-29" Colours BOOKBOX Mint Green, Cornflower, Charcoal, Light Grey, Teal, Blue, Green, Burgandy, Navy, Cranberry, Black, Yellow, Red, Brown, Purple, TangerineSOLID PLASTIC TOP Maple, Golden Oak, Wild Cherry, Grey, Sunstone, Grey Glace, Flame Soapstone, Chocolate Granite, Blue Granite, Silver Alchemy, Verdicts In, Graphite Nebula, Beige, Grey Nebula, Beluga Beige, Natural NebulaLAMINATE Light Oak, Grey Nebula, Walnut, Maple, Wild Cherry, Nepal Teak Categories ,