Furniture49 is a range of durable, cost effective and vibrant classroom & educational furniture that is designed and manufactured in Canada and the USA. Our furniture can adapt and evolve as the needs of your classroom responds to the learning challenges of today, creating vibrant and happy learning spaces with collaborative and traditional pieces that are bursting with colour and form. Easily washed, BIFMA Certified Green and fully student-tested, Furniture49 is built to learn and designed to last.


We’re backing up our commitment to quality with a 10-year warranty on soft seating furniture and a lifetime warranty on all other products. Sturdy and stylish, our durable designs hold our Easily-Washed Pledge, with many of our surfaces 100% dry-erasable and disinfected to CDC Protocols.


We’re committed to a cleaner, greener approach to classroom furniture manufacturing with a closely-knit, environmentally-mind production chain 100% based in Canada and the USA. Furniture49 is BIFMA MAS Certified Green®, with all of our products meeting rigorous low-emission standards using recycled wood-flour.


We firmly believe that durable, sustainable and cost-effective products shouldn’t come at the expense of visual appeal. That’s why we’ve brought together some of Canada’s foremost talent in interior design to offer classroom furniture that is comfortable, long-lived and brimming with colour and character.

In the current teaching environment, Furniture49 provides classroom furniture that is functional, adaptable and totally flexible to evolving challenges.

Let’s Enhance Education Together