Mobile Storage -Accelerator ALC Storage with Shelves

The Accelerator product line provide quick and organized access to classroom materials and supplies for both teachers and students. They have been designed for the always moving and fast paced classroom environments. Totes allow for optimal storage options that have the capability to hold a vast assortment of classroom materials and supplies.

Glide Options: Fixed Side, Panels Options: Pumpkin, Plum, Apple Green, Ocean Blue Other Options: Doors with Secure Lock, Risers (Available for Specific Sizes and Heights), Lectern (Available for Specific Sizes and Heights), Laptop Trey (Only Avaiable with Riser), Whiteboard Pack Panel (Available on specific sizes and heights), Peg board Side Panels

SKU: AALC-MW-LH-SH Sizes Lower Height (30.4"), Medium Height (43.3"), and Tall Height (61.4") Micro-Width (21") , Internediate-Width (29"), and Jumbo Width (43") Colours Metalic Grey Dark Grey Category