Jasper Café Height Cantilever Chair

Café Height Cantilever Chair (CAFE-CANT): Designed with a contemporary cantilever-style base stool with heavy gauge oval tubing that creates a fresh and modern look. Perfect for a learning commons or any contemporary eating space.

Glides: Marquis Steel Sqivel, Marquis Neoprene Swivel, Felt Snap-on, Q-Ball or Quiet Glides Other Options: Padded Seat

SKU: C-SM-CANT-CAFE-24-CH Sizes Senior: 30'' Senior: 24'' Colours Gray Charcoal Black Royal Blue Navy Blue Hunter Green Cranberry Burgundy Metalic Chrome Black Floor Friendly Glides Categories ,

Furniture 49’s Jasper Café Cantilever chair is a great option for a learning commons, lunch room, cafeteria or break room. The Café Cantilever chair is designed with contemporary cantilever-style base stool which creates a fresh and modern look.