Glacier Triad Desk

The Furniture 49 Galcier Triad Desk was developed for traditional and progressive teaching styles to help implement 21st Century learning concepts into the classroom. Optional casters make these desks easy to pull apart for individual study and testing purposes, or to move into multiple group configurations. In its ideal group configuration of four, it can be rearranged to maximize the use of limited space commonly observed in today’s classrooms. Full-frame construction takes the wiggle out of learning.

Glide Options: Marquis Steel Swivel Glides, “Q” Ball Glides, Felt Snap-On Glides, Quiet Glides, 2″ Dual Wheel Casters (3 legs), 2″ Dual Casters/Nylon Glides (1 legs), 2″ Dual Casters/Steel Glides (1legs), 2″ Dual Casters/Quiet Glides (1 legs), 2″ Dual Casters/Q Ball Glides (1 legs)

Frame Colour Options: Hammertone Black, Hammertone Gray, Metallic Dark Gray, Gray, Beige, Navy, Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy

Other Options: Bag hook, Solid or Perforated Book Box, Pass-Through Wire Shelf

SKU: T-TRIAD-HPL-PC Sizes 33"x33"x41" Colours Sugar Maple Bannister Oak Wild Cherry Mahogany Dark Walnut New Age Oak Loft Oak Gray Spectrum High Rise Cosmic Strandz Vapor Strandz Agave Blue Sprout Green Pomegranate Red Eggplant Purple Primary Blue Primary Green Primary Red Primary Yellow Black Gray Warm Gray Charcoal Plum Primary Blue Sky Blue Primary Red Crimson Primary Yellow Navy Blue Apple Green Primary Green Pumpkin Beige Maple Metalic Chrome Black Nylon Categories , ,

The Furniture 49 Glacier Triad Desk helps implement 21st Century Learning concepts into the classroom. The Glacier Chord desk is an effective student desks or configured in collaborative groups. The Glacier Triad desk easily creates groups of 2-6, optional casters make the desks easy to pull apart. Full-frame construction takes the wiggle out of learning. The ideal configuration for this desk is a group of 4.